Our games are the best option for any Team Building event of your company.

We created a high quality Team Building activity, to test the skills and creativity of your team. Run Rabbit games have been designed to strengthen the bond of employees, cooperate, show their skills, and most importantly, have a good time and enjoy an experience together. Our rooms include advanced technology, a quality setting and unique audio-visual production, all to raise adrenaline level to the maximum and to create an experience that will be remembered by the team for a long time!

Team Building Valencia

How does Escape Room, Team building activities benefit the team?

Escape Rooms, is one of the best options to improve company´s efficiency, enhance social relations and define roles within teams. Employees must relay on their own potential as well as the sum of the team to find hidden clues and solve puzzles and riddles. Escape Room as a Team Building activity is a great tool for employees to develop certain skills.
First of all, the participants do not suffer anxiety or nervousness because the environment is more playful and relaxed compared to a work environment. The soft skills that players will have to put into practice during the game are the following: initiative, conflict resolution, time management, leadership, resistance to pressure, teamwork, analysis, proactivity, creativity, problem solving. Also this activity:


Encourages colleagues to interact with each other and express themselves freely, in such a way less likely in a working environment.



The players have to use their mental abilities and observation skills, in order to withstand pressure and stress.



Strengthens the bond of socialrelationships.


It is an activity that encourages colleagues to get to know each other better.


Encourage the team to think creatively to solve challenges



It creates a sense of achievement between groups.


Team Building Valencia and Skills Enhancement

This Team Building activity is one of the best options for companies, it provides the opportunity for the team to have fun while putting their skills into practice. The game does not require any special physical condition, therefore it is safe option for all types of emplyees. The characteristics that the group must have within the Escape Room are similar to the essential characteristics that make a business suceed. Such as:



Players must be able to listen and communicate to achieve the goal of escape.



Who has the skills to coordinate the team?

Strategic planning

Strategic planning

The team must quickly create an effective action plan.

Out of the box

Thinking outside the box

The team must think outside the box, analyze and think creatively.



Probably the most necessary to escape.

Positive thinking

Positive thinking

Believe in yourself, your team and do not give up.