The rates for La Mazmorra Escape Room will be the following:

  • 2 PLAYERS: 78 Euros (VAT INCLUDED)
  • 3 PLAYERS: 81 Euros (VAT INCLUDED)
  • 4 PLAYERS: 96 Euros (VAT INCLUDED)
  • 5 PLAYERS: 115 Euros (VAT INCLUDED)
  • 6 PLAYERS: 120 Euros (VAT INCLUDED)

The rates for Haunted House Room will be the following:

  • 2 PLAYERS: 80 Euros (VAT INCLUDED)
  • 3 PLAYERS: 93 Euros (VAT INCLUDED)
  • 4 PLAYERS: 108 Euros (VAT INCLUDED)
  • 5 PLAYERS: 115 Euros (VAT INCLUDED)
  • 6 PLAYERS: 132 Euros (VAT INCLUDED)
  • 7 PLAYERS: 140 Euros (VAT INCLUDED)

The rates for Haunted House Room (Horror mode) will be the following:

  • 2 PLAYERS: 98 Euros (VAT INCLUDED)
  • 3 PLAYERS: 111 Euros (VAT INCLUDED)
  • 4 PLAYERS: 126 Euros (VAT INCLUDED)
  • 5 PLAYERS: 133 Euros (VAT INCLUDED)
  • 6 PLAYERS: 150 Euros (VAT INCLUDED)
  • 7 PLAYERS: 158 Euros (VAT INCLUDED)

All the prices that appear in the Website have applied the legal taxes foreseen in the Spanish regulation that is applicable to them

Run Rabbit Escape Room reserves the right to apply discounts for promotions, Team Building groups, for specific dates, or for specific times. These discounts may be subject to changes and modifications and apply for a specified time.

Reservations and payments
  1. The languages ​​available to close an online booking contract will only be Spanish and English.
  2. In the Reservations section, the calendar shows the days that can be selected, and later, the available hours. The days and hours not available will not be selectable on the website.
  3. To reserve it is needed enter name, surname, email address and contact telephone number.
  4. For a successful reservation, the user must select one of the available payment systems, taking effect if the cost of the service has been paid to the Supplier’s account by the payment processes established on the website
  5. Run Rabbit Escape Room accepts payments by credit or debit card (Visa, Visa Electron …). We use secure payment systems to protect the security of payment by credit or debit card. The confidential payment information is transmitted directly and in encrypted form (SSL) to the financial institution. When making the payment through a secure payment gateway, the system will automatically verify that the credit card is activated for Secure Electronic Commerce. Then it will connect with the issuing bank, which will authorize the operation.
  6. Run Rabbit Escape Room sends a confirmation email to the user, with the reservation details, this email is sent to the email address provided by the user during the registration process. If this email is not received, the user should contact Run Rabbit Escape Room by sending an email to [email protected]
  7. The confirmation email sent by Run Rabbit has a simplified invoice character. Run Rabbit staff can request for printed simplified invoice to enjoy the game upon entering. Anyone in the group can present it and access the game.
  8. It is your responsibility to verify that the reserved Games are the desired ones.
  9. Online reservations can only be made a certain number of hours in advance. For more advanced reservations, please contact Run Rabbit Escape Room by phone or in person in the same room.
  10. The reservation becomes null and the entry will be rejected if the team is 15 minutes late or more. In such a situation, the money is non-refundable and the reservation cannot be changed.
  11. Force Majeure. Run Rabbit Escape Room is not responsible for delays or obstructions that cause a delay in your arrival, whether caused by inclement weather, protests, strikes, power outages, floods, traffic jams, civil unrest or any other reason. . It is your sole responsibility to arrive at the time indicated in your reservation.

The user can request an invoice at any time by sending their data to [email protected]

Data protection

Everything related to the data protection policy is included in the privacy policy document.

Cancellation, modification and return policy

Reservations cannot be canceled, but a single date change can be made, as long as it is communicated at least 72 hours before the day reserved. The changes must be communicated to us via email to [email protected] choosing a new date as long as it is available, and as long as the previously established terms are fulfilled.

In the case of a Gift Voucher, no refunds are made if the team ultimately consists of fewer players than those included in the voucher. In the event that the team finally has more players than those included in the Gift Voucher, you must send an email notifying us at [email protected] and pay the price difference the day of the experience at the venue.

Participation policy
  1. All players participate in the game at their own risk. The Game Master explains the rules of use to all players before beginning. Run Rabbit Escape Room is not responsible for accidents that users may have during the game if they are due to the negligence of the user, the incorrect manipulation of the facilities, equipment and objects found in the rooms.
  2. Run Rabbit games have been designed for adults. However, individuals under the age of 15 can participate as long as they are accompanied by an adult.
  3. Run Rabbit Escape Room reserves the right of admission in these cases: a) Filming or taking photos inside the rooms is prohibited. The taking of images is strictly PROHIBITED, being this reason for the cancellation of the session. Whoever takes images will be legally responsible and the necessary legal actions will go against it. B) Inside the gaming rooms, the use of mobile phones, tablets, computers, flashlights or other objects that will not be found in the rooms is prohibited. C ) It is prohibited to participate (carry or consume) in the game under the influence of alcohol or/and under the influence of any type of drugs or other psychotropic substances. d) Carry any object which may cause harm to people or things. e) Lack of personal hygiene. f) Individuals who manifest violent attitudes and who provoke or incite any disorder in the room. g) You cannot enter drinks and food in the reception or game rooms.
  4. It will not be possible to start the game if there is a 15 minute delay. In this case, you cannot change the game session nor can you claim a refund of the fee paid. As indicated in point 10 of RESERVATIONS AND PAYMENTS.
  5. The maximum duration of the game is one hour. There is no possibility of extending this time. However, Run Rabbit Escape Room reserves the right to extend it at specific times.
  6. If during the course of the game one of the users is indisposed, he must leave the game accompanied by another of the users until he recovers, the rest of the users can continue playing. In the event of an accident or serious indisposition, the staff of the Run Rabbit Escape Room supervising the game can make the decision to stop it.
  7. Run Rabbit Escape Room reserves the right to request image rights from users of those images that have been taken within its facilities. These images will be used to publish them on the web, on social networks and for promotional use.
  8. If someone with any type of cardiac, visual, respiratory, phobic or any other type of pathology comes to Run Rabbit, it is necessary to notify the company in order to take the necessary precautionary measures and / or adapt the session.
  9. The experience is not recommended to pregnant women for their safety. However, if you wish to carry out the activity, you will not be denied access, but it will be under your full responsibility, exempting the company from any problem arising from the activity.
  10. In Run Rabbit games there is tension and terror, therefore, there are moments of adrenaline, if for any reason someone does not tolerate this type of emotions, it is necessary to communicate it in advance so that the experience is the most pleasant for the entire team.
  11. It is totally prohibited to use force, it is not necessary to advance in the course of the game. Just like getting on furniture is prohibited.
Damages and harm

All material and furniture that is damaged by improper use must be paid for by the user who caused the damage and can be claimed in legal terms at any time by Run Rabbit Escape Room providing evidence of intent.